Q: Can we wear shoes if were not jumping?

A: No, everyone (including adults) must leave their shoes in the lobby and must be wearing socks to enter the Jumpspace.  If you forget your socks they can be purchased at the snack bar for $3.00.

Q: What is the difference between a shared party and a private party?

A: A shared party is either shared with another party or with Open Play.  With the VIP Packages you get the entire facility to yourself (PRIVATE) for 2 hours.  All Party Packages can be extended, $75 for each addl 30 min extension.

Q: How long do we get to play and eat?

A: There is no formal jump time or eat time, and because you have your own private party area. Most guests will come in and out of the party area throughtout the party, however, in the last 30-40 minutes we will serve the cake.  Then in the last 10-15 minutes we will begin to clean-up and carry items to the car in order to be finished by the time the party ends.  

Q: Can we use our own theme for a party?

A: Yes, our theme is the jungle. You are welcome to bring your own themed items such as cups, napkins, plates, tablecloths, banners, balloons, etc.

Q: Can we bring our own food to a party?

A: Sure, you can bring your own food and some locations can add pizzas to your package. However, all food must come from a licensed business like a restaurant or grocery store, no home cooking or potluck.

Q: What ages are considered to be a guest to the party?

A: Because we offer a separate toddler area, children 10 months old to age 17 are considered to be a child guest. Anyone 18 and over will be considered to be an adult guest.

Q: What is the refund policy for a party deposit?

A: The party deposit is nonrefundable, Parties can be rescheduled at no cost to you. To cancel a party, you must send an email request and receive an email confirmation. Without a confirmation you will still be responsible for the remaining balance of the party. Verbal or voice mail messages are NOT accepted.

Q: What is a Pop-up Party?

A: A Pop-up Party is for smaller groups that don’t need to rent a room or the entire facility. For an additional fee per child to the All Day Pass, families will be able to bring food, cake, and drinks and will get reserved tables for a 2 hour period. Pop-ups are only available during Open Play hours and do require a reservation, a $10 entry fee will be charged for each adult as well to cover the use of the private tables and any clean-up required.